Helmholtz AI roadshow for Earth and Environment

Our Helmholtz AI consultant team for Earth and Environment visited KIT on July 26th-27th to introduce the consulting concept and showcase examples of research collaborations.

Helmholtz AI consultant teams collaborate with researchers from the Helmholtz Association to create customized Artificial Intelligence solutions free of charge. These roadshows provide an opportunity to meet the Helmholtz AI consultant teams, learn about funding opportunities, and explore our voucher system. Through our consultants, we bring our mission to democratize AI across the Helmholtz Association. 

During a recent visit, the Helmholtz AI consultant team for Earth and Environment, based at DKRZ/Hereon, visited the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) to share their experiences and the services they can offer to all Helmholtz researchers. Given the wide range of relevant research activities at KIT, this included cases from atmospheric sciences and Earth observation to geological modelling.

Additionally, 15 researchers received individual consulting sessions to receive feedback and discuss their projects.

Learn more about our consultants here.


(picture: Markus Götz)