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Helmholtz AI at Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) addresses digital transformation especially at the overlap of AI with innovative high-performance computing (HPC), and neuroscience. FZJ adopts an interdisciplinary approach based on domain-specific research questions intertwined with applied AI techniques. At FZJ, Helmholtz AI is embedded into one of the largest research centers in Europe, focusing on brain research, HPC, renewable energy and energy systems, atmosphere, and bioeconomy science, to lay the foundation for key technologies of tomorrow and work on viable solutions for complex questions facing society today. Jülich’s Helmholtz AI unit is built on an intense interdisciplinary partnership between Juelich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) and Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine within the Helmholtz programmes ‘Decoding the Human Brain’ and ‘Supercomputing and Big Data’, which has already become the main driver of the European research flagship ‘Human Brain Project’ (HBP). 

The focus of Jülich’s Helmholtz AI unit is on robust deep learning methods for microscopic image analysis, as well as on large-scale, active continual learning transferable across different tasks and domains. Driven by high-throughput data acquisition and the ambition to quickly transfer knowledge across tasks and scientific domains, the implementation of AI methods on HPC systems is a key aspect of this work. Helmholtz AI at FZJ will be implemented with a research group at the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (Structural and functional organisation of the brain - INM-1) and a tandem of groups at JSC, one research focused and the other software development and research support focused.

FZJ also brings a network of strategic partnerships into Helmholtz AI. These include, in particular, very active collaboration with McGill University (Montreal) and joint activities with CIFAR (Toronto, Montreal) at the intersection of neuroscience, AI, and HPC. Jülich has a leading role in the EU H2020 flagship HBP, which provides links to many European labs working in the intersection of neuroscience and AI, including Maastricht, Amsterdam, and Marseille. Further strategic partnerships in AI and HPC include the University of Iceland, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois, and Hebrew University, Israel. 

Unit representatives

Morris Riedel, Timo Dickscheid, Jenia Jitsev


Susanne Wenzel​​​​​​​

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Susanne Wenzel​​​​​​​



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