23 SEPT 2020 // Helmholtz virtual data science career day 2020

Are you a data scientist looking to contribute to solving major challenges facing society, science and the economy? Then visit the Helmholtz Virtual Data Science Career Day and jump-start the next step in your career. Whether you’re looking for exciting PhD subjects, postdoc positions or other positions in applied data science, this fair will get you in touch with your future employer.

Visit our Helmholtz AI booth and learn about our community and the data science jobs it may offer in these fields: Energy, Earth and environment, Health, Aeronautics, space and transport, Matter and Information.




21 SEPT - 02 OCT 2020 // Helmholtz ML virtual summer school 2020

powered by Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA) in cooperation with Helmholtz Artificial Intelligence Cooperation Unit (Helmholtz AI)Munich School for Data Science (MUDS)Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) and Munich Center for Machine Learning (MCML)


Core program of the Virtual ML Summer School 2020 is an introductory course to fundamental techniques and concepts of supervised machine learning (ML), which has become a central part of modern data analysis.
In particular non-linear and non-parametric methods have been used successfully in uncovering complex patterns and relationships by computer scientists and statisticians.




Sep 21 ML Basics
Supervised regression
Sep 22 Supervised regression
Sep 23 HIDA virtual career day
Sep 24 Supervised Classification
Sep 25 Supervised Classification
Keynote by Bernd Bischl on mlr3
Sep 28 Evaluation
Sep 29 Helmholtz AI showcase - Dominik Thalmeier"Using anomaly detection to identify mutations that effect hearing behaviour"
Random Forests
Sep 30 Trees
Random Forests
Oct  1 Helmholtz AI showcase - Christian Müller"Sparse predictive modeling of microbiome data"
Oct 2 Practical Advice


The focus of the course is to give a basic understanding of the different algorithms, models and concepts while explaining the necessary mathematical foundation.

Participants will acquire theoretical as well as practical competencies regarding some fundamental models of learning from data. Also participants will be enabled to conduct a data analysis project, including understanding and interpreting the data, in order to critically judge the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods.

Virtual meetings and group work (except Sep 23) take place from 1-4:30pm.

You are required to work through course materials (videos, quizzes, online exercises) in prepartion for the live sessions by yourself and at your own pace. The live sessions will be used to put the concepts you learned about into practice.

You will have access to the course materials a couple of weeks prior to the starting date. It is up to you if you prepare topics in the mornings before each session in the afternoon or in the weeks before the course starts.



The course is targeted at ML beginners with a basic, university level, education in maths and statistics:

  • Basic linear algebra: vectors, matrices, determinants
  • Simple calculus: derivatives, integrals, gradients
  • Some probability theory: probability, random variables, distributions
  • Basic statistics knowledge: descriptive statistics, estimators.
    (Linear) modelling from a statistics perspective will help, but is not required.
  • Working knowledge of R



Bernd Bischl (LMU München, MCML); Tobias Pielok (LMU München); Heidi Seibold (Helmholtz AI)


Show Cases

Christian Müller (Helmholtz AI), Dominik Thalmeier (Helmholtz AI)


Course Compendia

The program of the Helmholtz Virtual ML Summer School builds on the course program Introduction to Machine Learning (I2ML), which was developed by Bernd Bischl, Fabian Scheipl, Heidi Seibold, Christoph Molnar and Daniel Schalk. Concept and materials are accessible and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). If you use the course, the initiators are looking forward to your feedback!



The deadline for registration was July 31 2020.

Registrations that we received afterwards were automatically put on the waiting list. The demand was very high, so we will try to offer more events of this kind in the future.


MUDSHelmholtz AI and HIDA are part of the Helmholtz Incubator Information & Data Science.

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5 MAR 2020 // Helmholtz AI kick-off meeting

Visit the Helmholtz AI kick-off meeting event site

Helmholtz AI will enable the efficient and agile development and implementation of applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) assets across the whole Helmholtz Association. To realize this mission, we strongly support networking between all Helmholtz centres and the official Helmholtz AI kick-off meeting is the perfect opportunity to meet method and domain specialists with a shared interest in AI.

Representatives of all Helmholtz centres will learn more about Helmholtz AI initiatives, discuss use cases in applied AI/ML and expand their network.

  • When?             5 March 2020
  • Where?            Lenbach Palais, Munich

To make the Helmholtz AI Kick-off event accessible to our entire community, we will provide  live streaming of the event on our website. You are most welcome to join us! 

Additionally, you can join the discussion in Twitter through the hashtag #helloHelmholtzAI.



19-21 FEB 2020 // Hacking for Health: Helmholtz AI health hackathon

UPDATE 14.02.2020 >> REGISTRATION CLOSED - Thank you!


In the face of increasingly complex health issues, here at Helmholtz AI central unit - Munich we want to bring together motivated people across the Helmholtz Association to solve real-world challenges through cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovative AI/ML methods. Are you up for the challenge? Here's what you need to do:

> First step: Fill in the FREE registration form before Friday, February 14 

> Second step: Take your laptop

> Last but not least: Join us in Helmholtz Zentrum München for a three-day event (February 19 - 21, 2020) in which you'll be part of a team with other research talents; together you'll try to find an innovative solution to a challenge proposed by a health-focused Helmholtz Center. 

Wait, there's more!

> Each team will be mentored by an expert scientist from the Helmholtz Center that proposed the challenge. 

> Relevant datasets will already be preprocessed so that you can focus on the challenge as much as possible.

> At the end of the Helmholtz AI health hackathon every team gets the chance to present its solutions and even publish the results!

Of course you'll also enjoy delicious food, have fun, get the chance to know each other better and chat with inspiring experts on applied AI and ML. Join us!