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We democratize AI and advance its capabilities for tackling frontier scientific questions while harnessing its power for solving the grand challenges facing research and society.

We are an application-driven artificial intelligence platform accelerating science across the Helmholtz Association. We enable the development and implementation of AI solutions while promoting collaboration and ensuring access to resources and expertise.

Right place, right time

AI and ML technologies are revolutionizing industries, sciences, and societies alike. From speech and image recognition to increasingly prevalent industrial applications, they are reshaping services, manufacturing, and research landscapes. Their integration into everyday life marks them as pivotal forces in the 21st century.

At Helmholtz AI, we acknowledge the imperative need for coordinated efforts and collaboration to fully harness their potential, enabling us to swiftly and efficiently tackle the grand challenges facing our world today and in the future.

Our key objectives include:

►  Enabling the development and implementation of AI solutions.

►  Promoting collaboration within the Helmholtz Association and with external partners.

►  Ensuring accessibility and effective use of tools, data, compute capabilities, and expertise.

►  Elevating the Helmholtz Association into top-level international visibility within the applied AI community.

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Representing the six research fields of the Helmholtz Association, we host research groups and consultantcy teams. They are at the heart of our activities and ensure wide dissemination of methods as well as broad uptake of data-based research questions in applied AI.

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