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Our Helmholtz AI consultant teams

With Helmholtz AI consulting, we empower all researchers from the Helmholtz Association to leverage AI methods and expertise for their datasets. The Helmholtz AI consultant teams can provide support with their deep expertise in AI methods, tools and software engineering for research projects. Working with our consultants comes at no cost, as collaborations are entirely scientific.

Helmholtz AI consultant teams ensure translation of expertise into the immediate research domain of their respective units.

To match requests of researchers with the expertise of Helmholtz AI consultants, a Helmholtz AI voucher system is used.  This system enables the consultants to provide various scientific support in applied artificial intelligence research questions with respect to tools and methods in data science. All researchers of the Helmholtz Association can apply to enable short term collaborations and exciting projects. 

There are two predefined voucher categories to guide researchers towards a range of scientific support functions that can be accomplished in the timeframe of two weeks up to six months, which is the runtime of the vouchers. The voucher system, set up by Helmholtz AI central unit in close cooperation with all Helmholtz AI local units, is accessible via the Helmholtz AI website. If you want to know more about the voucher system, contact us.