Seibold group

Open AI in health

Making AI research reproducible and open

This Helmholtz AI group works at the intersection of open science, AI and health research. Our research focuses on how (health) AI research is conducted, raise awareness for issues, as well as provide solutions. We use best practices from the medical field and use them to improve AI research and we develop AI methods to improve health research. AI applied to health research offers special challenges (e.g. privacy, ethics, trust), which we take into account throughout all our work.

We value collaboration, transparency, and diversity.





  • Supervised learning
  • Model-based trees and random forests for personalized medicine
  • Regression
  • Democratizing artificial intelligence and machine learning: access, support, trust and reusability 




Data protection note

Research lines

  • Open and reproducible research in AI and health research
  • Model-based trees and random forests
  • Personalized medicine / personalized treatment effect estimation
  • Open source software


  • Heidi Seibold, group leader
  • Mohammad Mirkazemi, research software engineer
  • Lea Schulz-Vanheyden, master student


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