Become a Helmholtz AI associate

With the Helmholtz AI associates, we are extending the network for applied AI within the Helmholtz Association to leverage the breadth of activities and strengths of our AI research.


What are the benefits of being a Helmholtz AI associate?

You are invited to become part of the growing Helmholtz AI community with increasing visibility. You will have opportunities for interaction and networking, e.g. to form grant consortia and interest groups and you are welcome to use the Helmholtz AI affiliation



How does the Helmholtz AI scheme work?

Helmholtz AI associates are independent group leaders at a Helmholtz Center who embrace the network’s openness. They make an effort to share data, methods and publications within the Helmholtz AI community. Helmholtz AI associates share new publications, public seminars, job openings in their institution, upcoming funding and training opportunities and other events that might be of interest to the community.

How do I sign up?

Simply tell us about your work and research interests in the web form to sign up (yes, that includes the T&Cs for using your picture). We will check and format your details and then your profile appears on the Helmholtz AI website as a Helmholtz AI associate.


I want to become a Helmholtz AI Associate

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